“I feel so grateful to have experienced Linzi’s healing session. Linzi is a very gifted and intuitive Healer. I entered into the experience not knowing what to expect, but Linzi always made me feel comfortable and felt as if she was very tuned into any question or concern I had. She provided a very safe place for me. The moment I entered the space, I received such great energy from her and the surroundings.” - Eri K.


“It’s hard to even begin to describe how magical my healing sessions with Linzi have been. She is a true empath, kind, caring, and present with you the whole time. I felt safe, relaxed, and able to explore deeper parts of myself with her presence, energy and seamless guidance. She takes the time to talk you through the healing process and decompress afterward. Every time I leave I feel lighter, happier, and more connected to the world around me.” 

-Susan O.


“Her calm and open nature gave me a feeling of warmth and trust. Using a customized blend of meditation, reiki, sound baths and crystals, she engaged my energy in a focused and empathic way. For me, what followed was an incredible visual journey of healing symbolism. I watched myself transform in a cosmic way.” - Allie O.


Linzi can truly transform a space to feel warm, welcoming and safe. She offers a variety of much needed self-care practices that she makes magical every time. Having been a client of hers for years, I’ve found each session more rewarding than the last. I can’t recommend her enough!

-Christina B.


Every session I’ve had with Linzi continues to amaze me, she has a way of transforming the space for the ultimate healing zone. She listens to your mind body and soul.

-Sophie S.


“Through her work, I connected with my inner being in a way standard mediation and visualization has never been achieved. I felt overwhelming emotion as though I was reminded of forgotten dreams and introduced to myself for the first time. Immense clarity ensued and Linzi’s intuition and connectivity guided me beautifully. Her healing work is a true gift.” - Brooke P.


“The whole experience was extremely powerful, and at one point, my whole body was tingling with feelings I’ve never really felt before. It was a calming, yet almost sublime experience.” - Eian K.


“My session was magical. The minute you step into the experience, you are transported to a place dedicated to your comfort, dreams and quest for self discovery. Linzi is kind and open from the first moment you see her. The environment and aura gives you a space to comfortably explore yourself and the questions (and answers) you may have been hiding from. Finishing with a conversation about our shared experience and what both of us saw, helped to bring a sense of completeness to the session, allowing me to leave with a positive vision of what I wanted from life and how to achieve it. It’s truly amazing feeling to get so much growth and peace in just an hour of your time.” 

-Kelli B.


Linzi is a super warm, super caring soul who is gentle with you. I've gotten a tarot reading from her that was so accurate and helpful and just recently did an energy healing session. The session cleared out a lot of negative things I was holding onto, it's a tangible feeling, I felt lighter and clearer minded. She sits down with you after and goes over her visions and messages and makes positive suggestions. I felt safe and empowered in her presence, which is so important when you are being vulnerable. I look forward to working with her more in the future and could not recommend her enough! - Kiki B.


Gratitude is a tool of infinite resource. Please feel free to leave a nice comment about your session and spread the good vibes around.

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